Any collective worth of respect has its own chronological description of events, a story that comes and that is told.

The “About us” section  is usually the highlight of each member's journey and of the corporate entity, right?
We have tried to collect our chronological events but, we are talking about Level 0, of a primary state,

we are the so-called "recent graduates with experience" who are sought after in all company profiles.

We don't want to tell our story, Level 0 is and exists.

We are eager to tell your story. Because, let's face it:

Everyone has a story


Popular phrase: 5 months
Hight: tall from head to toe
Occupation: Seeker of catchphrases
Distinguishing features: Fruitarian

“There are no borders, only small mental barriers that divide a space.”

Visionary, quirky, outside of social conventions. Lover of disorder, carpets, sweets and barefoot walks. Watchful eye, great creativity.
Occhio attento, grande creatività. Non lasciategli mai il via libera, per realizzare un’idea potrebbe essere capace di tutto. Anche di sotterrarvi. Dopo aver dato un’occhiata al mondo è atterrato a Livello0, con la sua bicicletta, per raccontare storie.  Affascinato dai particolari, dai sorrisi e dai dettagli. Ha stravolto la consueta visione delle cose, per offrire la sua chiave di lettura.
He loves to sneak into other people's lives, especially when it comes to a woman in white and a man in a tux. Are we talking about weddings? Well, yes, it is not important what the structure is, he is able to tell your story by mixing two interpretations, yours and his. Andrea is a storyteller, he manages to create stories which take their shape through in print photography, forever.


Name: Giorgia
Popular phrase: Do you know ...?
Height: Doesn't need to be on the balls in group photos
Occupation: Comic with VAT
Distinguishing features: Contagious smiles.

"Your eyes are made of shining sapphires that send out warm and seductive rays".

Reserved, determined and never predictable. Giorgia opens up only with those that she chooses, smiles a lot and observes non-stop. Like a train, her gray eyes never stop. She loves the sea, but she hates the sand. She loves fashion but she does not model, she captures it. She has a pink wall, full of pictures and dreams that she has thoroughly collected over the years. She is meticulous, talented and full of passion. For Giorgia, taking pictures has always been a constant need. The camera is like an extension of her arm; research and insatiability as the only possible engine. She has no goals, because she can't stand the impositions and influences of others, she only follows one thing: emotions. Between a portrait and a golden hour, she reached Level 0. The youngest and the sweetest among us. But never judge a book by its cover: when you least expect it, it will disarm you. You will find yourself in front of her target naked, real... simply yourself.


Popular phrase: "Wonderful"
Height: Able to touch the tip of the Effeil Tower
Occupation: Guru of perfection
Distinguishing features: Living earthquake

"Law is order, and good law means a just order."

In 385 BC Aristotle spoke of order, of law. With her, there is no escape, order first of all. And that's exactly how she organizes her cosmos but not her life. Schematic, exuberant and volcanic, Mara loves colours, fonts that reflect the soul and give a graphic form to your desires.
Romantic, dreamer, a hurricane who overturns the pre-set canons. Silencing her is almost impossible, she always has to have a voice, even if there is no space, she finds it, between a line spacing and a grid.
After defeating immobility, she reached Level 0. Always keeping up with the times, perhaps she anticipates them too, considering that she always steps ahead.
The graphic world, for her, is home. She knows the most hidden meanders, the millimetres and the plan.


Popular phrase: How happy I am
Height: Sing the Watussi song a few meters short
Occupation: Official Laughter Provider
Distinguishing features: You give her a wall, she will be able to make him talk

“E proprio quando credete di sapere qualcosa che dovete guardarla da un’altra prospettiva.”

She is a spreader of good perfumes and vivacity, personified in the orange color of Level 0. Short, strong, resolute and ruthless when necessary, with a stubborn temperament.
And that's exactly how she introduces herself to Level 0.
After a few years of exile, she returned to claim the digital throne, which she conquered without shedding too much blood.
As soon as she crossed the Level 0 threshold, she broke the silence. She is a lover of social life, so much that she wants to turn it into her job. Giulia is able to be communicative thanks to the thousand chatter started on the street, by chance.
She loves words, sometimes it is better to silence her but her thoughts are loud too. Lover of peace, good music and New Age. Progressive, adaptive and with quotes up her sleeve. Content creator, creator of catchphrases, social (even too much) media manager.

We are four people, born in the same land, who have had totally different experiences. We were forged by the fire of a thousand eruptions, the mixture of a thousand cannoli and the crackling of Sicilian arancini. We travelled, looked at the world to then realize that some pieces were missing. Like puzzle pieces we joined together. The result? Level0.

We want to give an effective and innovative form to your projects, your stories, your thoughts.

How do we do it?

con la progettazione grafica, attraverso la fotografia digitale e su stampa, nella forma più tradizionale che esista: le parole.

Together we try to find your strength, the one that characterizes you, transforming it into uniqueness.
It does not matter whether you are a large multinational or a small town shop, Level0 loves to design, create and observe any reality.

Level0 is that piece of the puzzle that is missing to your big project.

We are storytellers:

you put the story, we'll take care of the rest.

You’ll find us in Via Agrigento 17, Adrano

Or in Via Caff 38, Catania (appointments only)

+39 095 749 6623 / +39 347 877 4104